[Plugin] MPCleaner - Deletes images from your thumbs folder that are no longer in use (1 Viewer)


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September 2, 2007
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Hi, I tried your plugin for the first time yesterday. And I have a question, if I may.

As I'm already using MP for 15 years I have 2.5Gb of thumbs to clean - and that might be the cause of the behavior I noticed.

Behavior 1:
When I install it via the MPEinstaller, it seems to install fine. Just 2 files - and you get the pop-up with preferences.
But when I start MP Config after that install, the MP Config UI won't show anymore - you get the splash screen and then nothing anymore. However you still see MP Config as a back-end process running in task manager. (Could be caused because the plugin starts working on its lengthy cleaning duty.)

Behavior 2:
So I uninstalled, and installed again via the MPEinstaller but this time I immediately started the clean operation in the pop-up that is shown during install.
It crashed and gave me a lengthy error message. (didn't log it but can repeat it if needed)

As I know MP inside-out & my general log is clean (no conflicts), I was wondering if there is a limit on how many files your plugin can process in 1 go. I have a huge amount of thumbs on my disk so I was wondering if that might be the cause of this behavior.

Does the plugin attempt to process all files in 1 go (which might explain the error) or does it break it down in iterations?

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