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January 30, 2013
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Hey everyone - so I've had this problem for a while, but haven't asked about it. I'm running Mediaportal 1.11 on Windows 7. I have an issue where any .MOV created on an IPhone X and any .MP4 created on a Samsung S9 that I attempt to play via 'Videos' locks up my system and I eventually have to kill Mediaportal via the Task Manager. Sometimes the video will actually start, but it freezes and I get just sporadic frames here and there.

I can play said videos just fine via Windows itself using MPC-HC - no issues whatsoever.

Both the IPhone .MOV and Samsung .MP4 files are using HEVC, and I've been able to play HEVC-encoded movies just fine in Mediaportal, just not the videos from the phones, so it seems there is something weird about those particular files.

What I've had to resort to is re-encoding these videos via Handbrake to H.264 and then Mediaportal plays them just fine, but that is obviously a pain and not really feasible.

Guessing that Mediaportal isn't loading the same codecs that MPC-HC is using to play the same file. Is there any way to get Mediaportal to use the same codecs as MPC-HC?

Thanks for any help :)


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    We are in version 1.23 now, so helpong you on 1.11 is not possible for us, please update to the last version.
    On last version we detected than video played from pictures section doesn't work.
    An fix is done but for the next version only

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    January 30, 2013
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    I understand. Unfortunately I've stayed at 1.11 for the longest time because every time I attempt to upgrade further, something in my setup no longer works. I just did the upgrade to 1.23 and my Microsoft RC6 remote loses some of the custom button configuration I had it programmed for. I downgraded back to 1.11, but before I did I tried to play one of the Samsung S9-encoded videos I've been having problems with and it still won't play - starts up, audio plays, but picture freezes and have to kill Mediaportal via Task Manager.

    Anyway, not a huge deal, but annoying for sure. Fortunately everything else I'm trying to play works just fine.

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