[solved] Problem watching TV from MP2 klient to remote MP2 TVE3 server (1 Viewer)


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August 21, 2006
Sweden Sweden
Perhaps that is not a supported scenario?

I have the MP1 client working against a MP2 TVE3 server.

But when trying to run a MP2 client (the same windows client) - I get the following error:

[2015-07-18 16:35:45,669] [123337 ] [Thread99 ] [WARN ] - SlimTvPlayerBuilder: Error playing media item 'Resource '{04affa6c-ea42-4bd3-aa6f-c16dcef1d693}://0|rtsp://fractal01:554/stream4.0' at system '481e09ea-c921-4280-954a-ac3056eb3128'
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Unspecified error

at DirectShow.Helper.HRESULT.Throw()
at MediaPortal.UI.Players.Video.TsVideoPlayer.AddSourceFilter()
at MediaPortal.UI.Players.Video.BaseDXPlayer.SetMediaItem(IResourceLocator locator, String mediaItemTitle)
at MediaPortal.Plugins.SlimTv.Client.Player.SlimTvPlayerBuilder.GetPlayer(MediaItem mediaItem)

I can play .ts files okay with the MP2 client (recordings), but live TV fails. All other movies I have are working, so doesn't sound like there are problems with codecs. Also I have doublechecked the req. for MP2 (vc redists etc).

But I am out of ideas. Attaching logs.


Portal Pro
August 21, 2006
Sweden Sweden
hmm...I was fooled by my MP1 client that was configured to use UNC paths - which worked all the time... Changing the MP1 client to rtsp - turned out it did not work either. Then restarted the MP2-Server TVE3 - after that MP2 client started to work as well.

So closing the case... Restart of the MP2-Server solved the problem...

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