Problem with DVB-C scan, only 1 transponder scanned ! (1 Viewer)


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September 6, 2007
Hi Fuetto, indeed we already talked together and I'm VOO customer ;-)
Thanks for all your tips, but I found all my channels with some other software like My Theather, DVBViewer, FireDTV, ProgDVB... so guess that my signal is strong enough and my configuration settings are all good.


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April 11, 2005
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I was somewhat tired when I wrote my message, and I was not sure :p

Aside from the issues you mention that *do* point to MP issues, did you try a full scan already ? It does take a lot of time, I'll admit that.

I have myself made a custom list by editing "dvbc Symbolrate 6875.dvbc " and removing the frequencies that are unused in Brussels, probably just like you did.


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September 6, 2007
Yes, I've done a full scan using ""dvbc Symbolrate 6875.dvbc " as well as creating my own "Belgium" transponder dvbc file with a subset of frequencies. Same results.

So, let hope that the MP developers will find something.


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September 6, 2007
I decided to re-install everything from scratch (Vista, MP, ...) ... and this problem was solved.

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