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  • August 17, 2014
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    I'm not positive but I believe this problem began after I installed MP 1.18 (currently on 1.19pre). What happens is, after watching a recorded TV show on my client pc, the Trakt dialog will come up for me to rate the show but, before I can finish rating, another dialog pops up telling me that I've lost my connection to the server. The Trakt dialog then disappears, recording no rating. I initially brought this up in the trakt forum and after trying several things, (skins etc.) I figured out that it only happened when the server has gone to sleep. It was suggested there that that the dialog for the lost server connection was not checking to see if another dialog was active (seemingly killing the Trakt rating dialog).

    So my question I guess is, should this be opened as a bug? Is there any way to just disable the dialog for the lost connection? I really don't want to have to keep the server up all the time.

    I've attached logs. The Trakt dialog appears at 10:21:31.418 in the TraktPlugin log and gets closed shortly after the Heartbeat entry at 10:21:34,979 in MediaPortal log.


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