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Discussion in '2.2 Archive' started by Dominik König, December 6, 2018.

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    Dear MP2 Team,
    first I'd like to thank you for all the work you spend for the project. I'm using MP2 since early versions as I rely on a multinode environment with a central TV server, so it's just the far better platform than MP1 for such a usecase.

    I already got my setup (quite) stable. Wake-on-LAN the TV server was quite a hassle for some period, but since the WOL
    plugin works fine things improved a lot.

    Yesterday I encountered a TV server error after resume which I decided to report. Perhaps someone can have a look at the logs and got a clue aber the root cause. I should mention that it is not the first time I encountered the problem. I have the impression, that it is linked to the fact, that it was the first live TV tuning attempt after resume both client and server.

    Waking up the client, that wakes up the server automatically. Openig EPG, selecting and tuning to "Das Erste HD" (Timestamp 2018-12-05 21:58:22,737).
    Live TV does not start. Getting circle wait animation on the client. After some seconds of waiting (about 20 sec I guess), I cancel the request with "Esc". Selecting "Pro 7" from EPG. Circle wait animation, Pro 7 finally starts in full screen (but after quite a long waiting time). But now, it is not possible to switch channels anymore. Switching to RTL leads first to black screen, but then continues streaming of Pro 7. No matter witch channel I choose to switch to, I always get the Pro 7 stream.
    After manually stopping the streaming with the on screen player "STOP" button, and then selecting a channel via EPG, Live TV works fine. I can use EPG, switch channels there and get them tuned quite quickly.

    I hope the infomration this is not too confusing :) If you need further information, please just ask.

    Kind regards,

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Situation (as far is I know) just comes up on the first live TV tuning attempt after resume.


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    Yes, please set your log level to DEBUG and reproduce the issue. Then upload a new set of logs.

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