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December 11, 2010
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This problem has plagued me for a while. I'm still using an HD CRT tube (Sony KD34XBR960) so I need to resize the UI so that I can see it all. This used to work without issue. Suddenly after upgrading to 1.4 things started going wonky. An upgrade to 1.5 didn't fix it.

Please see where mm1352000 confirmed he believes this is a UI calibration issue:

I now have a fresh/clean install of 1.6. Only re-imported TV Server settings, everything else I setup manually.

Right before I created this log dump, I launched media portal and navigated to the TV menu. The UI seemed to be respecting the upper left coordinates from UI calibration but not my bottom right coordinates because the bottom right of the screen was getting cut off. I clicked back and re-entered the screen and the UI was now correct. From the now correct TV menu I entered the TV Guide which was displaying incorrectly with the bottom right getting cut off by the edge of the TV. I clicked back to go back to the TV Menu and then re-entered the TV Guide where it now appeared correctly. This seems to happen anytime I load a new view/screen. If I click back and re-enter it apepars OK. This is problem #1.

I believe problem #2 is related to custom UI calibration as well. The problem is that my mouse pointer is acting on buttons that the mouse is not directly over. The mouse pointer precision seems to be off about the same amount as my upper left coordinates set in UI calibration. It is as if the mouse is not respecting the new UI positioning based on UI calibration.

I thought a clean install may fix this issue but it must be a bug. Please investigate this issue. Even though most people are now using flat panel TVs with little overscan area and little need for this feature, there is still a need. Projectors for example. I'm hoping this is a relatively easy fix. Please make it work correctly.

If you need any further information or tests from me please do not hesitate to ask. I am a software developer myself and have worked many years in professional audio/video so I am more than willing to help where I can.

Much thanks,
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