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June 27, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program
MP Version: RC1
Skin: BlueTwo
Windows Version: Windows XP Pro SP2
CPU Type: Intel P4 2400MHz 533MHz FSB
Memory: 1024MB DDR333
Motherboard Chipset: ABIT BE-7
Video Card: Matrox P650 (Parhelia)
Video Card Driver: HF WHQL
Video Render Type: VMR9 and Overlay (VMR9 normally used)
Video Codec Type & Version: Dscaler / MPEG2Lib / CyberLink (PDVD6) / Nero 6
Audio Codec Type & Version: Dsclaer / MPEG Audio / CyberLink (PDVD6) / Nero 6
TV Card: LifeView DVB-T Duo
TV Card Type: DVB / Hardware Analogue
TV Card Driver:
Optional Log: parts of the "/log/MediaPortal.log" which show an issue
Optional References: any reference

Synopsis: Problems with Various MPEG-2 Codecs

I have decided to come back to Media Portal and buy the TV Tuner again after returning it following as a self punishment of me not getting on with my high priority commitments. I talked about it at this forum

Anyway, I cannot find a decent MPEG-2 Codec to use for Digital TV. Here are the problems I have encountered in all the codecs I have tried.

MPEGDEC: Nearly the best to use. However, it does not automatically detect the aspect ratio of the DVB broadcast and it can be annoying having to manually switch from letterbox to full screen mode and vice versa to suit the channel I am currently viewing. It would be convienient to use normal mode and automatically select the aspect ratio like with DScaler and Cyberlink.

DScaler: Nearly the best to use too. However, Bob deinterlacing does NOT work in VMR9 mode. I am forced to use VMR9 because when I use overlay, the peformance is unacceptable, the sound and video is choppy and even moving the mouse makes it much worse!

Nero: Overall very unreliable, horrible deinterlace engine by blending fields together, not displaying one by one. I absolutely hate this method of deinterlacing as it makes a 50Hz PAL broadcast into a 25Hz. Also, this gives black and white results at times too!

CyberLink: Does not work properly in VMR9. Also has a horrible deinterlace engine when used in programs other than PowerDVD just like Nero. Overlay mode is very unreliable and choppy and DXVA doesn't speed up the system, it makes it much worse that the mouse pointer struggles to move!

Although I am using RC1, the bugs are the same as the earlier release In, recording does not work so that's why I use RC1. Most other bugs will be posted in the dedicated RC1 forum.


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February 7, 2005
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i think that some problem are coming from p650........... remember MP use dx9 and p650 is not compatible. i have one parhelia 128 and on my htpc with MP now is istalled one fx5200.

with your graphics card and my parhelia there isn't vmr9 support and problem born here


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June 27, 2005
giovifree said:
you can download trial version of nvidia pure video decoder
well it said on the requirements page that parhelia are compaitable with the required dx9 features. vmr9 works nicely for me, it's just these dodgy codecs.


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  • April 23, 2004
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    also there is a forum thread under "Tips & Tricks" for Nvidia codec registry changes to make it perform better

    check it out HERE

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