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February 22, 2015
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I updated my HTPC with new hardware and also updated MediaPortal to the newest version. I use the plugin "MiniDisplay" to control my VFD Futaba DM140GINK from Scaleo E mediacenter. It worked perfect beforce and also works now. But after I send my HTPC to standby and wake it up again, the display doesn´t show anything, just the volume controls, but no text. Only when I completely restart the PC, the displays works again and shows information from MediaPortal.

I also tried the older version of MediaPortal I used beforce, but with the same result. I also used Windows 10 on the old system.

Are there any settings in BIOS, Windows, MediaPortal .... to make the VFD work after standby? I already made the settings in the device manager to not put the device to sleep.

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