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September 16, 2011
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Hello and thank you for the new version of MP.

I just updated from 1.2.3.

Then I have done the following things:
1.) Started "MP Externsion Installer" and uninstalled all incompatible plugins
2.) Uninstalled the older LAV Filter (the newer remains of course)
3.) Installed Purevision HD 5.2 (for 1.3.0)
4.) Started "MP - Configuration"
When I hit the "OK"-Button to save and exit the configuration, the following error appears:

"Failed to locate assembly 'Micropolis.MPCore, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. Note that the configuration program must be executed from/reside in the MediaPortal folder, the execution will now end.

This error also appears, when I enter the "Plugins"-section of MP.

SOLVED: I removed the "Purevision HD" skin - now the error does not appear anymore.

Best regards,
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    Hi 1graser, you should always look in the original forum thread as shown referred to on the download page of PureVisionHD ;)
    THX Deda for pushing into the right direction ;)
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