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October 24, 2007
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Okay, well I read about 2,000 posts last night so I'm not sure if you tried increasing the size of the recording buffer or not. EITHER that or 01-17-08 TVe3 SVN seems to have fixed it for me.

I will continue to test/monitor it and make sure it's fine. I have been experiencing the same symptoms as you as far as playing it in other players. Definitely a bug with TsWriter.


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January 10, 2008
ok i've read through this whole topic and been through my logs a hundred times. I have a hvr-1600 that does support qam.

when i try scaning for qam with tvserver for some reason it is not locking the tuner.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



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January 18, 2008
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Hey All,

I'm having the same problem as some others mentioned earlier in the thread. When I perform a scan of QAM Standard with my HVR-1600 it finds a ton of channels, including my local channels which also pick up a call sign. All the local channels, however, have a red icon next to them and I get "No Video/Audio Detected" when trying to preview them. I've confirmed the local channels are indeed on the correct frequencies by comparing to a scan done by the WinTV client that comes with the Hauppauge. I'm not sure if it is a problem or not, but all the local channels are showing up with Audio and Video PIDs of -1.

I have successfully tuned a couple of the "Unknown..." channels found from the QAM Standard scan but they've all been advertisement or preview channels. Also, it may be worth mentioning that I've successfully tuned all the local channels over QAM using the WinTV software without any problems.

I've attached logs of a scan of just one frequency (which carries 3 local channels) and a subsequent attempt to preview one of the channels. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I'd be glad to set up remote access if it would make things easier.

I should also mention I'm using: tvengine3-01-17-2008--05-09h--Rev17070

Thanks again,


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February 19, 2008
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Has there been any fix or work around for this? I am having the same issue as Iolaus.



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March 7, 2007
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Hopeful news here:

I've had the Hauppauge HVR-1600 #74041 for over a month now and have only had luck getting analog channels. No QAM, no OTA ATSC. Now when I plug the coax straight into my Panasonic display I get whole swaths of stations, including the HD channels (this led me to believe that I am indeed getting Clear QAM freqs). Build after rebuild of my HTPC kept getting me nowhere; WinTV would not lock onto anything, MediaPortal would return some frequencies but always display "No Audio/No Video" or "Scrambled Channel." I was heartbroken. I even got Hauppauge to email me some beta software that supposedly corrects their hardware's ability to lock channels broadcast in Cable Standard HRC. Still no luck. I almost returned my card.

Last night I discovered TSReader Lite and thought I'd use it to analyze my cable signal. It only offers to scan IRC or HRC (several fewer options than WinTV or MediaPortal offer) but it actually locked onto about a dozen stations! Most were junk, but 3 channels and their substations were broadcasting audio and video that could be streamed to VLC! I had hit paydirt!

Better yet, today I manually entered some channels (I settled on IRC for my provider since the channels matched up with what is displayed at Silicon Dust's site) that corresponded to the HD broadcasts. Even though they weren't locked in the scan, manual entry got me a picture! So now I know that I am getting something, I just have to figure out how to use the data I've been mining and incorporate it into MediaPortal. Any ideas?

So if you're out of luck and have been feeling down like me, give TSReader Lite a try. Corroborate your findings with your zip code at Silicon Dust and work from there as I have. I feel like I'm a lot closer now than I was just 36 hours ago.

Oh, TSReader exports HTML files which should be handy in generating some support from readers like myself (and you!):

657MHz: SI Parsing by TSReader 2.8.46a
663MHz: SI Parsing by TSReader 2.8.46a
669MHz: SI Parsing by TSReader 2.8.46a

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