[Videos] Randomly stops playback of recordings or live TV (multiseat) (1 Viewer)


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April 9, 2008
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Thanks Mark, will do this on the server tonight.

It happens on any recording and it doesn't happen at the very same time. Yesterday I started a playback and after 15 seconds it stopped. I restarted it again and after about 45 mintues it happend again. I watched another recording from the very same channel and it did not happen for the whole hour of the program. It is really random and doesn't belong to any channel, time or lenght of the recording.

BTW, it also happens on live-TV. During watching (maybe I timeshifted once or so) all of the sudden it stops.

Not sure if it happens on the server with a client installed too. The server is in a 19" rack on the basement and watching TV down there is less funny ;-) But I'll do the test tonight for sure.



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April 9, 2008
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Ok, I made two tests today 20-10-09 and both times the problem appeared. Please find attached the logs.

1) 18:58 I started playback of recording (Columbo - Super RTL)
19:13 Playback stops
- MedaPortal.log shows "complete" on 19:13
- TsReader.log shows "demux:endoffile" on 19:13
- evr.log shows "ProcessMessage MFVP_MESSAGE_ENDOFSTREAM" on 19:13

2) 19:43 I started playback of recording (Godzilla)
21:04 Playback stops
- MedaPortal.log shows "complete" on 21:04
- TsReader.log shows "demux:endoffile" on 21:04
- evr.log shows "ProcessMessage MFVP_MESSAGE_ENDOFSTREAM" on 21:04

Both recordings stopped way long before their end.
I also noticed on the second log that both the server and a separate client stopped playing back the recording.

Hope this helps


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April 9, 2008
Switzerland Switzerland
Not yet solved in SVN 24281

Either this problem is not the same as documented in mantis or it has not yet been solved. I've installed the latest SVN from 11-30-2009 24281 what addresses Mantis 2498 but the problem is still there. Playback of recordings or live TV are still stopping, although I feel that this happens less than before this release.

@mylle : have you tested this SVN too ?

- Robby


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    This may not be the same problem. In multiseat, streamingserver is used, but not in single seat.

    Are you able to find a short recording (less than 100MB) that will reproduce the problem every time?



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    August 10, 2006
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    I now have this problem with my single seat installation. When playing back TV recordings they just randomly stop and bump me back to Recorded TV menu. When restarting the recording, they start back at beginning with no option to resume from last position. Recordings stop playing at any random position, but on average i'd say every 15-30 mins approximately.

    I need to investigate this further but just felt compelled to write something on this thread as it looks most closely related to my current problem. The problem exists with recordings made from my DVB-T tuner, i don't know yet if problem exists with DVB-S recordings.

    Here's a question - for a single-seat set-up should i have set-up MS Loopback Adaptor or is it ok to 'point' TV Server to my home network? On my old (now retired) HTPC i had to set-up the Loopback Adaptor because every time my network dropped out it stopped the TV server (a problem that may have been fixed now as it doesn't seem to do this on my new HTPC).



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    you posted in 1.1.0 Beta1 forum, so I assume you are running this version.

    Please update to RC5 and post in the correct forum if you experience again the issue. And don't forget logs or your post will be deleted.


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