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Altay Ayyuce

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August 13, 2012
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I have two problems which have surfaced recently after yet another 'waking from sleep' corruption issue (!!!).

a) I have numerous Recorded TV programs on the hard disk AND I have imported them in via the TV Server configuration, however, when I go into Recorded TV, none of the recorded programs are showing up. However, if I then change the Layout configuration in Recorded TV to say 'LIst', they then show up. In fact all I have to do is change the Layout to anything (e.g. List, Icons, Big Icons, or Big Icons List.) and then the Recorded TV programs become visible. I can they play them as normal.

b) For some reason I cannot delete the Recorded TV programs. When I do try and delete them, I get an error stating something like "Cannot Delete Program" (sorry I'm writing this from memory the next day).

I did try repairing the SQL DB as per other threads and have verified the programs are on the hard drive along with their associated XML files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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