[Question] Reloading configuration file 'StreamingProfiles.xml' due to changes (1 Viewer)


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  • July 13, 2006
    2013-06-11 21:18:30.35674 [(12)] DEBUG: Reloading configuration file 'StreamingProfiles.xml' due to changes.

    Does this mean that MPExtended has restored settings to default, and thus overwritten all my profile tweaks? :( (It seems so)

    If so, how do i prevent this from happening? Is it enough to simply write protect the file in question?


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  • August 29, 2009
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    No, that message simply means that it loaded the changed file from the disk. It hasn't overwritten your changes.

    (FYI the 0.5.4 update will overwrite your custom changes once and introduce a feature to prevent it from overwriting during future upgrades).
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