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  • December 27, 2009
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    Im trying to get a slide animation repeated each time a new item is focused, the items i want to slide are not the focused items however.

    As an example, say i wanted to slide the image highlighted green to the location in red


    i can do this using the following

    <animation effect="slide" time="200" end="100,100" condition="control.hasthumb(60)">conditional</animation>

    However this only applies the slide for the 1st item, ie when the window is 1st opened, I want the slide to be repeated each time i focus a new thumb in the facade for the relevant item but since the condition is already met, ie the next item also 'hasthumb' as does the existing item, the animation is skipped and the next image is displayed in the red location straight away.

    In the image above, what i want to achieve is when fringe is focused in the facade, the larger fringe cover slides to the right, then when the next facade item is selected (frozen planet), the larger fringe cover disappears and the larger frozen planet cover appears on the left then slides to the right in the same way, using the above code the frozen planet covers just immediately appears on the right.

    Can anyone help with this or just let me know if its not possible before i waste too many more hours on it? :)

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