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September 12, 2007
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Same problem here.. Finds the card, works well in Pinnacles own stuff.. but TVServer cannot find any channels. But Mp it's self can find the channels..


Which was the build that maid it work for you?

Ive Pinnacle PCTV Pro (150) I think it was..


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September 9, 2006
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I have sent my email addy to tomeliten4 but have not received anything yet.

For what is worth, I think the original TV engine in MP has better compatibility with all tuners than the TV server. I have both the HDHomerun and Nvidia's DualTV tuners (both are quite expensive hardware) and neither works on the TV server...

May be it would be better to fall back to the capture card definition file to generate graphs in TV server.

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    If BDA drivers are supplied by the manufacturers to that correct specification, then TVE3 would pick up every card.

    Unfortunately they are varying them, and this is what is screwing up developement of a totally compatible engine at this moment.


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    September 9, 2006
    United States of America United States of America
    I think having a totally compatible engine is very ambitious and it is good to be ambitious.

    But for me at least, this turns out to be quite the negative for the TV server. I had a January build of the TV Server that worked with both HDhomerun and Nvidia DualTV then I had to scratch an itch and upgraded to a May build where the HDhomerun didn't work anymore and now with the latest update, neither HDhomerun nor the Dualtv works... It seems to me that the development of the TV server is going down hill pretty quickly.

    I would understand if Nvidia or Silicondust are the only ones that are not following the BDA driver specification. But just reading on this forum, it seems that more and more tuners are not being supported by MP. So if it is indeed the issue where TV tuner manufacturers are not adhering to the BDA driver spec, MP should not rely on this spec either...

    I'm just suggesting that may be it would work out better if we have the option to use the capture card definition file in the TV server as well because this method has worked pretty good for me. If MP wants more testers and feedback on the TV server functionality, this should be the way to go... As of now, the only feedback coming from a lot of people (at least from what I've seen), is only that lack of compatibility with capture cards (which is not making any progress).

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