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July 27, 2005
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MediaPortal Configuration = NO
TV-Server Configuration = YES


Make sure you pay attention to point 3 and 5.

from the original:

For anyone else who gets stuck trying to install SchedulesDirect, here is what I did.

  1. Get SchedulesDirect plugin from GitHub. Link.
    You'll need to click the Project folder, click SchedulesDirectPlugin-, then download.
    (I actually used 1.11.01, which is working so I'm not going to mess with it, but I noticed afterward there was an update. Try 1.11.01 if 1.11.02 fails for you.)
  2. Open and run the file you downloaded in step 1, above.
  3. Note that the installer will copy the two needed .dll files to the incorrect folder, so you will need to move them in step 5.
  4. Open TV Server Config program, choose Manual Control at left, then click Stop Service button which will appear on the right. Close the TV Server Config program.
  5. Move the two .dll files to the correct folder.
    The two files are:
    Move them from
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\Plugins
  6. Open TV Server Config program, choose Manual Control, then click Start Service.


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February 16, 2013
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Spachti, I followed your steps but step 6 does not work ecause under plugins in tv server, Schedules Direct is "UNKNOWN".

DO you actually have SD running under mp1.24?

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January 21, 2021
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I have followed this to the letter.
I get the same messages as others bout needing TVServer 1.3 when i have the latest, and it is 1.2.7

As I don't have the client installed (trying to get channels into emby via a plugin) i cannot tell whether anything is actually happening.

Has ANYBODY got this working.


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    I get the same messages as others bout needing TVServer 1.3 when i have the latest, and it is 1.27. Has ANYBODY got this working.
    I regret to say that what you are trying to do is not going to work. :(

    (1) I downloaded the plugin and installed it without problem on a pre-release version of MP 1.26. The trick is to use the correct version -- I used version which can be downloaded from this post. (y)

    (2) If you browse the Schedules Direct web site, you will see that SD provide EPG data for many different countries, one of which is the UK. (y)

    (3) Unfortunately, SD provide EPG data in XML format only for the USA and Canada. For all of the other countries, the data is provided in JSON format. The TV Server plugin cannot process JSON data -- the plugin requires data in XML format. :(

    So, the plugin will work well for users in the USA and Canada, but not for users elsewhere in the world.

    (4) If you want to use Schedules Direct, you will need to download the data in JSON format, use a JSON to XML conversion tool to convert to XML, and then use the XmlTv plugin to load the XML data into TV Server. See this post from UK user wjw (who uses Schedules Direct successfully with MP).

    (5) Finally, I note that you want to use the EPG with Emby. Please be advised that the Schedules Direct terms of service prohibit using Schedules Direct data with commercial products (this is part of the contract between Schedules Direct and Gracenote, who are the ones who actually collect and aggregate the EPG data). Emby is specifically mentioned as one of the prohibited users, and that applies even if the data is downloaded via a permitted open-source product such as MP's TV Server plugin.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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