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July 9, 2020
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Hi, previous user of Nebula DigiTV here, changed to MP2 with a TBS6205 DVB-T2/T/C Quad Tuner last week. After finding that some of my recordings had started partway through the program, I discovered that MP2 issues no warnings if my schedules max out my tuners, so one program won't start recording until a previous one ends and frees up a multiplex. In fact I experimented and found that MP2 will happily let me schedule seven overlapping recordings on seven different Freeview multiplexes, even though I only have four tuners availble. So I looked around the MP2 Support section and I'm confused.

The following thread talks about schedule conflicts and even has a screenshot of a pop-up:
Soft padding for EPG recordings

On the other hand, this open issue (Add Recording Conflicts Management) says "Currently there is no logic that prevents users from scheduling too many recordings at the same time."
- MediaPortal Jira

Which is correct? If conflicts can be detected, why don't I get any warning pop-ups? If they can't, isn't that a major useability fail?


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    Which is correct? If conflicts can be detected, why don't I get any warning pop-ups?
    This is a difference between MP1 and MP2.

    MP1 does have the "Recording Conflict" support that is shown in the screen shot in my post in the thread that you linked.

    I have never used MP2, but your experience suggests that MP2 does not have recording-conflict support.

    MP1 is generally regarded as being a more mature product than MP2, but MP2 started from a different set of requirements, so MP2 can do things that MP1 cannot. Example: I believe that MP2 can do "picture in picture", whereas MP1 cannot.

    It is possible to install both products on your system, but they cannot share tuners. So if you wanted to use both concurrently, you should allocate TBS tuners A and B to MP1, and tuners C and D to MP2. Then you can try both to see which you prefer. (y)

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK (MP1 user)

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