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December 19, 2011
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I have a similar problem ...

I´m using Mepo 1.3 beta and to test MP TV Series I recorded some TV series for children ("Laura´s Stern").
All are named correctly : e.g. Lauras stern - das neue Rad - E...S...

Although has "Laura´s Stern" available I cannot get any banner or movie information, thanks four your statement.

Besides this problem I also wondering about the dipslay, scrennshot attached. For my understanding there should be a banner for each serie when starting "MP Series" and only if I open it all episodes are shown...

Thanks in advance.


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  • March 10, 2006
    If you use: Lauras stern - das neue Rad - E...S...

    Then the tile becomes "Lauras stern - das neue Rad

    So TheTVdB then fails as can be seen at:

    If you use Lauras stern - E...S... - das neue Rad, then you get:

    You can however correct this inside GUI as well when it fails to find a match, unless of course you selected "Skip Always" already. Then you first have to unhide the show (can be done from GUI as well via options in hidden menu, or checkbox inside config under details tab)

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