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February 14, 2008
I have problems with the latest svn of the TV-Series plugin.

There are seasons missing for all shows.
If the show only has one season I end up in an empty season view. There is nothing I can do to start an episode.
If the show has several seasons I might end up with either season view or episode view, but still there is missing seasons.

Every season and episode is in the TV-Series plugin database when I look in the configuration.

I have attached three pics of different shows. This is what happens when I choose a show from the Wide Banners screen:

Lost - 5 Seasons, I end up in Season View but 2 seasons are missing
Band of Brothers - 1 Season, I end up in Season view with no seasons or episodes
24 - 2 Seasons, I end up in Episode View with no option to choose another season

The pics are from StreamedMP skin but this also happens in my other skins.

I have tried to rebuild the database but it didn't help me.


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February 14, 2008
Great work!

I cleared my database and after an import of my data everything works perfectly again.


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