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    When pushing the latest English template files, I again noticed that there is one string ignored by Transifex, because it is empty.
    This screenshot shows the search result for AttachedText:
    So the AttachedText.After can not be translated at all. First suggestion is to simply add a . (dot) to the English language file.

    Nevertheless the connection status is not displayed consistent, mainly because the two of the three message boxes allow are standard Dialogs (OK, YesNo) so the skin is not able to modify them, while one seems to use a custom dialog.

    Should we use custom dialog in all cases here to allow the skin to highlight certain text or to allow the skin to decide whether to use one string (without line breaks) like


    20130121_225209.png 20130121_225248.png 20130121_225258.png 20130121_225305.png 20130121_225311.png
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