MP2 - V2.1 Server seems to lose contact with TV receiver dongle when not actually doing anything. (1 Viewer)

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Disco kid

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June 16, 2016
Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.1.1

This problem occurred (for me) on occasion in 2.1 Spring 16 version, but is making 2.1.1 almost unusable.

Running Windows 10 on an HP Laptop ..

Usually, starting the client (Single server/client installation) after a period of non use, or returning the Home screen after watching a recording, the TV Home screen does not show the Recordings panel , and then selecting a live program from the TV guide panel gives the error 'No TV provider (yet)' ..

edit ..

with client running but only the home screen showing (not watching or recording anything) the Recordings panel disappears and the error 'No TV provider (yet)' appears if the TV Guide panel is selected

The problem does not appear to be the dongle .. If I start eg Blaze tv, while the Media Portal problem exists, it works ok

End edit

If I then start the TV configurator I get the following ...

The only way I have found to get rid of this is to restart Windows, though sometimes it either doesn't clear or gives ..

Though usually this clears if I try again a few minutes later.

Steps to Reproduce:
Detailed in report above
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Disco kid

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June 16, 2016
Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
If I have done it right the logs should be attached ..

the fault occurred as media portal client was running showing a live program ..

it can occur during recording, sitting idle with no client running, watching a recording, though in this case the recording continues without problem (except sometimes when watching a live recording.
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