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    Hi folks,

    Since I could not find any complete tutorial for the installation of my new Digital Devices (DD) DuoFlex C/C2/T/T2 V3, combined with a single Octopus PCI CI Module, I decided to show you here what need to be done:

    Clean install of Mediaportal 1.12.0, Single seat, no excisting databases used
    Tuning details are already available and in the right directory of Mediaportal
    good quality Cable with 100% signal level and 100% signal quality is available
    Ziggo Digital TV provider
    HTPC is able to connect with the internet.
    Alphacrypt Classic CAM with working Firmware, at least version 3.2 or higher
    TV connected via HDMI to GFX card in the HTPC.

    Ok, So I bought a DD DuoFlex bundle last week including an Octopus Single CI module (PCI), I also upgraded my Old Alphacrypt module to 3.28.2 done by the company where I also bought the DD bundle. All arrived within 2 day of the order, I sent my Alphacrypt by Post to the shop during the day I ordered my stuff. (For what it's worth, the shop is Dont let the scruffy website scare you, the site works very well and the shop also, the guy behind it knows his stuff!)

    This is the bundle I bought:

    MCW Provides extensive guides in Dutch, but is not really geared towards Mediaportal. A lot of attention goes out to Windows Mediacenter where you need some extra software called DVBLINK.. For Mediaportal THIS DVBLINK software is NOT required.. Also the guides combine the requirements for Sattelite and terrestial DVB, whcih makes the guides extensive and rather complicated. But if you have only cable provider like Ziggo, actually (hindsight) this makes it for MP users much easier and cheaper (No need for a DVBLink licence that costs €50)

    Ok, installation of the PC Cards in the HTPC is straight forward, for the CI Module a PCI slot is required, A power adapter cable is provided for the DuoFlext tuner card, the CI Module gets its power via the PCI, The Tuner card and CI Module must be connected with each other by a special flat cable that is provided in two lengths. If necessary there are mounting brackets provided for low profile HTPC's as well, So everything you need is provided to install the cards, no extra visit to the shop necessary!

    Once the cards are installed everything connected, cable connected to the TOP female plug (the bottom male is not connected, it is a pass through of the top one, connecting a cable to the male does not work!!), startup the HTPC.

    Go to

    Download, unpack and install the driver by double clicking the unpaccked file (Treiber) for your system(32 bit OR 64 bit), the last one at the time this post was written is During Installation of the driver leave all options as default, just Click everytime on "Weiter" (=continue) until you are done.

    Reboot the HTPC

    Check in windows device manager, Video and sound drivers, if the DD DuoFlex drivers are installed correctly (no yellow or red exclamation marks)

    Make sure the Alphacrypt CAM is inserted in the CI Module.

    Open de DD driver setup config tool by going to the directory ../Program Files/DigitalDevices/DVB-utils and doubleclick the exe file DDControlCenter.exe

    Then the setup software opens, set the DD settings as follows:

    Click on "Common interface assignments" and set like this do not forget to Click Save!:

    Click on "3-0 DVB-C/T Tuner 1"and set like below (note all options unchecked except "DVB-C") and click Save
    Do the same for tuner 2

    Close the DD setup tool by clicking the red cross in the upper RH corner and reboot the HTPC to make sure the correct drivers are installed and set (and obsolete drivers turned off) If correct the DD setup tool will remind you to reboot after closing the DD setup tool

    After reboot, open the DD Setup tool again..

    The following is special for Ziggo customers that were also in the Ziggo area before the merger with UPC!! Ziggo customers require a Alphacrypt Classic card with Firmware version 3.2 or higher. 3.25 is said to work fine, but also the special MCW version 3.28.2 works very good (the stock MASCOM version 3.28 is NOT GOOD!)

    Make sure your Alphacrypt card with smartcard is inserted correctly in the CI Module (if not the following will not be present in the DD setup tool):

    Click on "3-0-3: Alphacrypt" to bring up the Alphacrypt menu on the right panel

    In the Alphacrypt menu on the right, double click the option "Module Options" in the follwoing menu double click "Expert Menu" and confirm by Double clicking "-Go to Expert Menu-" Like below:

    Make sure everything is set like below, if an option shows something else, double click it to make a change, sometimes more then one double click is required to get the right option. Give the Alphacrypt a second or two after each double click to change the options, it is not really instantaneous.:

    If everything is set as above, select "Quit" and click OK a few times until you are in the "Module Options" menu of the Alphacrypt, we need to check Parental control as well. Double click "parental Control" Log in with '0000' and make sure the age ratings are set to OFF by double clicking the option a few times (if necessary)

    Again "Quit" and OK a few times to close the Alphacrypt menu.

    This was all that need to be done in the DD driver setup tool.
    Exit the DD setup tool, no reboot is required now.

    In Mediaportal TVservcie configuration, check that both tuners are available, I asume you know how MP TVservcie setup works, make sure for both tuners the CAM is enabled and set as follows.. Note the Nr of channels to be decoded is set to 8, and not 0 or any other number.. I also set the Preferred Network Provider to DVBC, somehow this seems to work better however the default Generic should also work fine. So set as follows:

    Now perform a Channel scan with the tuning parameters for your area, tuning one tuner is sufficient, after that has been done the channels can be mapped to the other tuner as well, using the Channel Mapping function in TVService setup.

    My experience is that I have to do several channel scans to get all channels and also to get them working properly, despite I have allways 100% signal level and quality! It might help to pull the Alphacrypt cam out of the CI Module a little to find all channels, make sure you put the CAM back in position before starting to watch/record live TV.

    Note I have tried several other settings on the Alphacrypt menu, but I ran into problems that some Channels cannot be found due to PMTnotfound errors, once I set everything like above all was fine! I suspect the Parental control was bugging me, as these were set to FSK16 by default!! but I am not sure though.

    Another Note: Above is for Ziggo Netherlands, I do not know the settings for other cable providers, but it would not surprize me if the same works for all Cable providers that use the Irdeto II encryption method.

    I am SURE it does NOT work for former UPC area's! as they use Nagravision encryption, which is not supported by any DigitalDevices TV card (or any other DVB-C card) The UPC CAM's do not work in a DD DVBC card.

    OK I hope this was helpfull and prevents other people from running into problems like I did.


    EDIT 06-10-2015: The number of simultaneously decoded channels was first 1, but this was wrong and also not according the DD Devices manual, DD devices advises to set the number on 8, so that is what it says now and also shows in the last picture. If set to one you cannot record and watch two different scrambled channels the same time, as the CAM is told to scramble max 1 channel.
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    Some small advice...

    Now perform a Channel scan with the tuning parameters for your area, do this for each of the duoflex tuners!
    Scanning with both tuners is unnecessary. You can scan with one and map to the others. That is what this section of config is for:

    My experience is that I have to do several channel scans to get all channels and also to get them working properly, despite I have allways 100% signal level and quality!
    Try removing the CI assignments (and/or CAM) when you scan. It may help.


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  • January 7, 2008
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    Yes I read that later, about Channel mapping..I will edit my post for that later tonight. About removing the CI assignments, may be this helps, I do not know, but right now all channels seem to work OK though.

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