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July 13, 2008
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I experienced a strange problem with TVServer last night. I had several programs scheduled to record at 20.00, 20.30 and 21,00 (The Young Sheldon then Brooklyn 99). All were correctly scheduled by TVWishList and were all showing in the EPG screen highlighted in red. However, they simply didn't actually record.

As far as I can see from the TVServer log (attached) all the triggers to wake the system worked and free cards capable to tuning this channel were found.

I would much appreciate if anyone can further decipher the log to tell me why the recordings didn't then happen. These programs have been recording successfully for weeks (years actually) and this has never happened before.

Edit for my mistake! Uploaded wrong log file, should have been TVService .1.log


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September 5, 2007
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Channel 4 have moved some channels around on satellite, E4 moved to a different transponder on 24th May, they probably removed the old version recently.
[2018-06-07 19:53:07,633] [Log ] [scheduler thread] [INFO ] - Controller: channel #1 DVBS:tv:BSkyB E4 Freq:10729000 ONID:2 TSID:2042 SID:8305 PMT:0x103 FTA:True LCN:10000 SymbolRate:22000 Modulation:ModNotSet Polarisation:LinearV InnerFecRate:Rate5_6 DisEqc:None band:Universal Pilot:NotSet RollOff:NotSet
'E4 UK' has now changed transponders, moving from 10.729 V, 22.000, 5/6, DVB-S, QPSK to 10.714 H, 22.000, 5/6, DVB-S, QPSK. (Link)


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July 13, 2008
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That was indeed the problem. Many thanks.

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