SInce update to MP 1.3.0 no TV and videos anymore - Blank/Black screen and MP crashes (1 Viewer)


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March 1, 2010
Hi Guys, I updated from MP 1.2.3 to 1.3.0 and since the update the TV and the video watching are "gone". I can see the channels in the TV-Server config "test" without any problem, but when I launch MP and start the TV MP seems to cut the connecting to the screen and attempts to "reconnect" to the TV (the TV signal input display comes on), then the monitor turns black, MP crashes. Same behaviour when I want to watch an older TV recording or when I want to watch a video stored on the HDD. However, watching the TV recordings and of all videos works fine on VLC player. Does anybody have a clou what is the problem?

I attached to log file and hope some expert can trouble-shoot.

Hopefully I am not forced to go back to version 1.2.3 :(

Thanks in advance
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