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    Hi Guzzi,

    @ajs and @powermarcel10 have provided alternative Titan-based skins, which suppport ClearArt display such as logo, banner and rotating disk for MovingPictures. However, the current syntax in their skin files is of the kind

    <visible>string.equals(#skin.enable.CD Art,True) + string.contains(#Play.Current.Thumb,MovingPictures) + player.hasvideo</visible>
    Currently I get no ClearArt displayed with MyFilms.

    Wizard123 pointed out that a plugin needs to actively provide such functions. Does MyFilms contain this functionality? If yes, how can one address it in the skin?


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  • February 29, 2008
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    urrently I get no ClearArt displayed with MyFilms.
    I use:
      <!-- ClearArt -->
        <!-- ClearLogo -->
        <!-- CDArt -->
            <description>Disc Image</description>
            <visible>!Control.HasFocus(10001)+ !Control.HasFocus(10002) + !Control.HasFocus(10003) + !Control.HasFocus(10099)</visible>
              <animation effect="fade" time="250" start= "100" end= "50" condition="true">conditional</animation>
            <animation effect="fade" time="400">Visible</animation>
            <animation effect="fade" time="0">WindowClose</animation>

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