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March 6, 2006

I also have about 150 Albums, each with one folder.jpg file. The files are between 40 and 150K.
When paging up/down, I notice a short break of about 1-2 seconds before I see the next page.
Since I stored the albums on an external USB2.0 HDD, I think it must be like CPU relevant or something.
When there are no folder.jpg, paging up/down is much more faster!

This is not nice and should be investigated, however I couldn't blame MP for this being 'useless' or something. I think, Frodo can check this out, doesn't he?

MP is great and improves every day :)



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  • October 13, 2005
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    Does this happen in all views or only the shares views? You may recall that several months ago it was not possible to display thumbs with shares. I added some code a while back that builds thumbnails on the fly. If the thumbnail does not exist and a folder.jpg image is present, that image is copied to the thumbs folder as Artist - Album.jpg. This result is that the initial creation of the thumbnail is a bit slow. Once the thumbnail has been created however, the slowdown should be gone. Is this what you're seeing?


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    November 19, 2005
    SteveV said:
    Does this happen in all views or only the shares views?

    For me this only happens in 'My music', 'My videos' and 'My pictures' -views. And when I enter my pictures, I can see MP creating the thumbnails on the fly and after that MP becomes a bit faster. The biggest problems I have with my videos -view and this is where I have folder.jpg for each folder (about 300). I didn't experience this problem with RC3 and the only thing I did parallel upgrading to RC4 was coping all my cd:s to MP (about 400).

    thanks for looking into this :)


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    June 2, 2006
    Me too

    I also have this problem in the "My Music" folder. I sped up everything by defining the shares by ipadress, disabling "My Network Places" favorites, etc.

    Still the problem persisted. Then I found this thread. It is an old thread, but apparently this problem didn't get anyone's attention yet. Too bad, like somebody way up the thread said, this problem really spoils much of the fun browsing through the music.

    I hope somebody will pick this one up!

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