Some minor issues with PureVisionHD 4.8

Discussion in 'PureVision' started by rogerleifert, September 15, 2011.

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    Hi Catavolt,

    first of all a big THX again for the skin enhancements to my beloved skin :)

    Nevertheless I've had some minor issues with it when customizing the skin (Version 4.8 with MP 1.2RC):

    - I still get error messages on all of my WinXP-SP3 systems when starting the Basic Home Editor supplied with the skin.
    The alternate version from this posting works again perfect

    - the VU-Meters displayed in MyMusic are slighty flashing off irregularly for brief periods (BASS-Player, SPDIF-Out, no further audio-plugins)
    (Could be due a known issue in the VU-meter code and not caused by PVHD-skin and should hopefully be fixed in MP 1.3 --> roadmap for MP 1.3 "- 0003463: [general] Flickering VU-Meter - new.")

    -When ASIO is activated (with BASS-player and SPDIF-out) only the left VU-meter moves.
    The right VU-meter is dead

    -When the milkdrop2 visualization for music playing is activated it irregularly flashes in on the upper left quarter when in home screen. Visualisation itself works perfect and these brief flashing is only when I'm in the home screen during a playing music.
    (Could be due a known issue in the visualisation code and not caused by PVHD-skin and should hopefully be fixed in MP 1.3 --> roadmap for MP 1.3 "- 0003700: [Music] Update Music Visualization Code - new.")

    -I have configured the "Play DVD" Button with the BasisHomeEditor in the Video-Section.
    It doesn't highlight and doesn't work when I move to the button. Simply doesn't do anything.
    Playing a DVD via the main Menu-Entry "Videos"-->Navigate th the DVD-Drive-->"Enter" or "Play" works normal.
    (Remark: I have disabled auto-notification when inserting a disc in the drive due to a "conflict" with EAC and Nero)

    -When going from a playing recording or video or live-TV to the home menu there is a very small display of the running file or TV on the upper middle right section while the big display-frame on the middle right section is empty???
    I remember that on one occasion I saw the running file in the bigger frame.
    Is this a bug or a feature?

    If You need further information or logs for confirmation please send me a note

    Best regards


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