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September 2, 2015
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Im recently new to MP1. Went from WMC. I LOVE the OV plugin, its the best.
I run Windows 7. MP1 1.12. OV 2.1 and latest Adobe Flash. .NET 4.5.2. Skin StreamedMP 3.1(latest).
My problem is that when I use OV and usually watch SVTPlay I every second or 4-5 time get sound but no picture after I stopped a program and choose a other. The "stream" starts, and I just see the background picture. Then its random what happens, if I press "pause" and then I start again, I sometimes get the picture back, and it(picture) plays very fast until its syncs with the sound. But often I press stop and I have to go back back to main menu to start again. Often I have to restart MP to get it work again.
My wife does not like MP ;-)
I dont know if this is a skin or a plugin problem?
Attach a zipfile with logs.
In OV log at the end the problem appears when I try to watch "Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn, avsnitt 7". After a while I press "stop" on my remote.
Please help!


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    I didn't find anything indicating an error or problem. You use the correct codes (LAV) that would be my first guess.

    One thing you could try is to disable the View Mode Switcher plugin. The line above you pressing stop in the log is:
    [2016-01-05 22:16:16,049] [Log    ] [ViewModeSwitcher] [INFO ] - ViewModeSwitcher: Rule "16:9 HD" fits conditions.
    The ViewModeSwitcher might do some zooming/cropping/stretching and that might be the problem.[DOUBLEPOST=1452035320][/DOUBLEPOST]And one more thing. If you're using any anti virus software, try to add the mediaportal process as a "trusted process" and exclude the mediaportal folder in program files and programdata + the OnlineVideos download folder.
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    September 2, 2015
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    I disabled the plugin in View Mode Switcher and also excluded the folders in my (Windows standard) antivirus program.
    The "trusted process" thing I did not executed...
    I did this changes same day I read your post, and so far it seams to work. The problems I use to have seams to be gone...

    I return if the problems shows again...

    Thanks for your help... now my famil(wife) are a bit happier :)

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