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August 8, 2015
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Sound is ahead of vision. It appears to happen gradually over time. I'm seeing in on a show I recorded but which I'm viewing 10 minutes behind real time.

If I fall asleep with live TV on then I see it on live TV say after 8 hours of on time.

The issue is within the client display program. It's resolved by a program close and restart.

I don't remember noticing this 6 months ago and I'm pretty sure I'm using the same software version.

I can't see why is would be within the MP2 code but it maybe in one of the libraries or in their interaction with a windows library that may have been updated.

Just for reference... I bought a 32" 10 bit display. I'm using Nvidia cards. I had a really messy few days setting this up. The driver doesn't see a 10 bit screen if you install the other Nvidia guff, Gforce Experience. (at least not as of November 2016) It was a month ago I set it up but it created all manner of instability including with MP2. Oddly enough, without this Gforce guff my old Toshiba screen will manage 10 and 12 bit. Not that I'm going to turn it on and risk stability over no benefit.

There is an issue with what looks like dropped frames, flashes of black to screen. I can't comment much on that as there is little consistency as to when I notice it. I kinda think it happens at the beginning of a recording being played. I'm running off SSDs, 8 core AMD, 2 graphics cards, 16 GB of RAM...i don't think it is a lack of computer resources. Could be the graphics card drivers. The cards are being pushed a bit more than would be normal with 3 screens of different resolutions and bit levels.

I can stop it by forcing MP2 into windowed mode and I think it needs to be dragged to a different monitor and back to the 1360 X 768 TV display.

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    It sounds like the refresh rate changer issue I had with movies, haven't tried with TV but it's worth a shot.

    Try turning off the refresh rate change under setting / players / video player / enable refresh rate change.
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