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January 9, 2008
Atlanta, GA
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Hi Cheezey,

First, great plugin! I really like being able to watch my directv on my iPhone ;-) however, I am having one issue...

In short, the live video stream starts and stops periodically. This happens with all players. I noticed when using the flash player that my fps would drop to zero periodically and then start back up again (see attached screen shots of the graph). This occurs very regularly as though some resource (a buffer?) is getting behind and then catches up. I notice that the progress bar in the flash player shows that the current play point creeps up to the live point and when it catches it that's when playing stops (I suppose until more stream is received to be able to play).

All of this testing is happening on my LAN. I am using an Apple Airport wireless network running at 1Gbps. Network utilization via task manager looks very low.

My system cpu shows a total utilization of between 25-30% with ffmpeg running 11 threads and using about 15% cpu. My cpu is a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T so it should have plenty of encoding horsepower.

iPiMP settings are default (ffmpeg iPiMP).

I am running MP 1.2.1 and iPiMP

What should I be looking at to improve the streaming performance?




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January 9, 2008
Atlanta, GA
United States of America United States of America
I'll answer my own post ;-)

Seems like this post has solved the problem. All I did was edit the config.xml to add -r 25 and the problem is solved. I thought it was strange that the fps being reported in the graph was ~60/30. I'm no expert but it appears that without specifying the desired target frame rate that the player is accepting frames faster than they are being served - so, eventually the player runs out of frames to display until more are buffered in.

Attached screen shot shows the improved graph.

Running great now!



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  • September 3, 2010
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    I have the same problem. I'll test this evening and report it back here. Can you please give me some details where should i write -r 25 ?

    EDIT: It's O.K. I've found where to put -r 25 : it says in your link "Finally, I added -r 25 under the LiveTV transcoder settings in config.xml and it is working great! "

    EDIT2: I confirm that -r 25 did the trick for me as well !


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    July 27, 2009
    Belgium Belgium
    Hi, I have this issue only on HD streams. I'll try the -r 25 trick and report back soon.

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