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August 6, 2010
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I am using the lateset version of aMPdoird from the marketplace on my Galaxy S3, and eventually got everything setup to work.
I can now browse all my media, view recordings and use the WiFi remote to control my media PC.

However I have a strange problem with streaming. If I stream anything while in the house, be it Live TV or a film with any quality setting selected, using external player or not, I will get 3-5 seconds of playback and then it stops.

I also setup port forwarding on my router for external access.

The strange thing is, when I am away from home I can stream everything just fine. Even over 3G, I was able to wtach live TV, movies and TV sieres.

I then tried using my "external" settings in the house, but stil it cuts off after 4-5 seconds.

Anybody have any ideas how to fix?

Thanks for reading!


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    That is a very strange behavior...

    Could you please post log files from your phone for both situations so I can compare what is happening?



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    August 6, 2010
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    this is going to sound stupid, but how do I get the logs on the phone? I have had a look in the app but cant see anything obvious.
    I am out of the house at the momment, so can't post the logs for when it does not work, but will do that this evening.

    Thanks for your very fast reply!


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    August 6, 2010
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    Nobody have any idea?

    Just been testing more, and it seems to always work for streaming films and TV sieiers when away from home.
    For streaming TV it is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it works fine away from home, other times it behaves exactly the same as when in the house.
    Anybody have any ideas for what I could test?


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