1.22.0 Stutter and or artifact problem when recording and watching the same live tv channel (1 Viewer)


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  • February 22, 2008
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    MediaPortal Version: 1.22

    I Always thought i had this sometimes and never could pinpoint it, but now its clear to me when this occurs.
    Maybe somebody can confirm ?

    I only have a problem with MP when watching live TV if the same channel i am watching is recording also at that moment (happens with F1 broadcasts and motogp, which i want to view live, but also save them for later viewing)
    This only occurs when using multiseat, not when i record and view on the same machine.
    When watching recordings later again, there is no stutter or artifacts (from any client)
    Even when streaming up to 4 channels to different clients at the same time, there is no stutter anywhere.
    (it timeshifts and records on SSD drives, so there is enough IO available)

    So machine with tunercards is recording, and i watch using a different client over the internal network it will stutter.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone, i will create details logs from motogp this weekend :)

    Steps to Reproduce:
    multiseat setup , record a show, watch when it records on a different machine over the network


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  • February 22, 2008
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    Netherlands Netherlands
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    short version: i switched over to UNC path setup , and it works flawlessly, case closed

    long version: i did some experimenting , i only have stuttering on RTSP when playing from the tvguide while the same program is recording, if i play from recorded shows folder (while its still recording, there is no stuttering) ..
    I tried UNC path setup aswell , and that is flawless, so i am staying with that. for me case closed.

    btw, logs dont show anything which points in the right direction (contuinity erros in audio/video), in fact it will send you on a wild goose chase with codecs and stuff, but clearly that is not why its not working , it has something to do with RTSP

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