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August 28, 2010
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I have written the plugin and testing at the moment. There are things that I need to test before a beta release, like being sure not to leave artifacts on disk in terms of temporary files. I am creating thumbnails on disk (if I cannot extract them from the RAW image itself, as it is possible to store thumbnails inside a raw image), and also I create temporary jpg files on disk while browsing. There is a rotating cache at the moment with a limit on number of thumbnails and number of full size images on the cache.

The reason of creating a cache is that, it takes a second or a bit more on a quite good machine even to decode the raw image, and you don't want to wait for half a minute to see a folder of thumbnails while browsing your library. Same goes for fullsize slideshow feature)

I have used Imagemagick to do the conversion, and since I do not know how to draw a in-memory image in mediaportal, I am saving the images on disk and ask mediaportal components to draw them.

The most time consuming part of implementation is getting used to mediaportal way of visualization. It would be great to do the programming in terms of standard WPF user controls or something like that so that you do not need to learn a complete new system. Coding only required 8-9 hours, but making the UI work required tons more. And it is still quite primitive as the process is a bit of trial and error given the amount of documentation we have :(

Expect to hear from me soon.


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    Not that I know, also because they should update it at every photocamera release (more or less)...



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    April 30, 2009
    narsor, I am a photographer. It's always been a pain as all my photos are in RAW format. To view them in MP I have to create a full-sized JPEG version which is a pain as I'm creating work for myself.

    Can't wait for the plugin, cheers.

    Maybe it's been discused already. But the plugin would great if it could read Adobe Lightroom XMP sidecar files.


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    August 28, 2010
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    not really, I have resumed development a few days ago, and I am almost ready to publish a beta plugin for the ones willing to test. Just give me a few more days

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