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    The external display plugin that is shipped with Mediaportal supports the following displays & controllers (of course I don't own every single display on this list, so this list is pure informational):
    • Batron BT 62005
    • Beckmann & Eagle MiniTerminal BELC1001
    • CrystalFontz 634
    • Debug Form (Shows generated text in a window)
    • DM140GINK (supports MSI Media Live & Hiper HMC-2K53A Barebones)
    • EPSON ESC/POS Serial LCDs
    • Ericsson A2618/A2628/R320 (Philips PCF8548)
    • FIC Spectra Futaba VFD (new)
    • Fujitsu Siemens ScaleoEV USB
    • Futaba m402sd06gl
    • Girder (Sends the generated text to Girder)
    • HD44780 4×´0 Chars
    • HD44780 or compatible (2 drivers)
    • HD61830 LCD Series
    • HD66712 LCD Series
    • HP125442R-DYO LCD
    • Innovatek Fan-O-Matic
    • IRTrans LCD series
    • JRC NJU6426 or compatible
    • Lintect Senior 16x1 LCD
    • LPH7508-1 LCD
    • Logitech diNovo MediaPad LCD
    • Logitech G-Series LCD
    • M50530 Symbol LCD
    • M50530 24x8 or compatible
    • Matrix Orbital MX Series (new)
    • Matrix Orbital GX Series (new)
    • MT-12232-A (SED1520)
    • nMediaPC Pro-LCD (Bare & 5.25 Bay models both)
    • Nokia / Philips PCD8544
    • Noritake GU128׳2-311 VFD
    • Noritake Itron GU-Series VFD
    • Noritake GU7000 (Show and Tell) Serial ( :!: experimental :!: )
    • Noritake Itron T-Series VFD
    • Philips PCF8548 LCD series
    • SED133x Graphic LCDs
    • SED133x Graphic LCDs (LUI USB)
    • SED1520
    • SED1530
    • SED1565
    • Samsung 16L101SS5 (1x16)
    • Samsung 16L102DA3 (1x16)
    • Samsung 16L102DA4 (1x16)
    • Samsung 16L103DK1R (1x16)
    • Samsung 16L103DK1T (1x16)
    • Samsung 16LF01UA3 (1x16)
    • Samsung 16T202DA1 (2x16)
    • Samsung 16T202DA2 (2x16)
    • Samsung 16T202DA4 (2x16)
    • Samsung 20L203DA2 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20L203DA5 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20L203DA6C (2x20)
    • Samsung 20L203DA7 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20L203DA8 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20M102DA1 (1x20)
    • Samsung 20S102DA3 (1x20)
    • Samsung 20S102DA4 (1x20)
    • Samsung 20S102DA5 (1x20)
    • Samsung 20S206DA4 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20S206DA6 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20S207DA1 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20S207DA4 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20S401DA1 (4x20)
    • Samsung 20S401DA2 (4x20)
    • Samsung 20T201DA1 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20T202DA1 (2x20)
    • Samsung 20T202DA2 (2x20)
    • Samsung 2138A (8x24)
    • Samsung 40S203DA3 (2x40)
    • Samsung 40S203DA4 (2x40)
    • Samsung 40T201DA1 (2x40)
    • Samsung 4SS11US1 (1x4)
    • Samsung 9MS09SS1 (1x9)
    • Samsung KS0108 LCDs (text in graphics mode)
    • Siemens SLOx2016 Series
    • Soundgraph iMON IR USB VFD (2 drivers)
    • Soundgraph iMON IR USB LCD (text & graphics mode)
    • T6963c Graphic LCDs (2 drivers)
    • Trefon USB LCD (up to version 0.36)
    • VL System L.I.S 2 LCD
    • Wincor-Nixdorf Beetle BA63 Serial Cashier Display
    • Wincor-Nixdorf Beetle BA66 Serial Cashier Display
    • Windows Clipboard Driver (copies generated text to clipboard)
    Documentation is available on the MediaPortal Documentation Wiki

    A list of working and non-working displays is also available in the LCD Hall of Fame
    Please help keeping this list up to date by adding/editing your display and settings. (you can edit this list yourself). This will help other users in getting their display to work.

    If the links above did not help getting your display to work, please create a new thread in the Support section...

    For help on unsupported displays, see the Improvement Suggestions section...

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  • September 27, 2004
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    Added support for the following displays:
    • FIC Spectra Futaba VFD
    • Matrix Orbital MX Character LCD
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