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March 17, 2013
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Hi there,

When watching Amazon Prime with the OnlineVideos-Plugin, my system goes to standby after 20 minutes or so. I suspect it has to do with the fact that PrimeVideo is not rendered with the internal Player, but opens a Browser to render the video.

So after some research I tried to enter the Process "OnlineVideos.WebAutomation.BrowserHost" into PowerScheduler to prevent Standby. (Which was a pain to find the name of, since OnlineVideos won't let even the taskmanager get focus while playing a video, and the process is not running when it's not displaying a video :().
But this does not seem to work, the system still goes to standby. Is there any other Process that is started, when Amazon Prime is playing that I could try ?

I typed in the Process name manually, since the Process-Selector of PowerScheduler is not accessible while playing a video, and the process is not listed, when it's not running. Could this be the issue?


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    You could try iexplore.exe, that's the one strarted by the browserhost to actually play the video.
    After some thinking I think this is not correct
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    March 17, 2013
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    That seems to do the trick. I played two episodes the past two days and both played to the end.

    Thank You for the tip (y)

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