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    ...but if you learned XAML (presumably that took a lot of time and effort) in order to code your design, why couldn't you learn C# in order to help with TVE 3.5?
    (...and perhaps more to the point: why do you assume that you need to know C# in order to help with TVE 3.5?)
    Again and in other words: the thing that stands out clearly to me is that you're willing to invest a lot of time and effort when something really matters to you. It seems like TVE 3.5 simply doesn't matter enough for you to be willing to invest that much time and effort. Maybe I'm wrong in my interpretation; I'm just trying to explain my perspective, and why I'm disappointed when I read a response like this.
    Yes, it took time and was partly frustrating, because I don't like to depend on people, but needed a lot of help in the beginning.
    If I were younger I'd perhaps take the challenge to learn #C. I learned Japanese, I guess #C is less complicated. the problem is my life changed with wife, kid, second on the way and a 60h week at work in my 10 year abroad in my 3rd country. I had simply enough challenges and my family needs my remaining energy. In case of any design issue (logo, icons,...) , testing or whatever I can help of course. But what you really need is a dev on board of TVE3.5. How about an announcement in the MP news, that urgently a dev is needed with a short profile and task description?

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