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Pat Clark

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April 25, 2012
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I have hacked a theme for MP1.5 PureVision HD 1080 1.4 containing interesting NowPlaying and Lyrics screens.
I reused most of the code from Catavolt's fine skin. Thanks.

It requires FanArt Handler and MyLyrics.
It would be easily adaptable to any skin, I think and may work as is.
I'm sure a real skinner could polish it up.

My objectives were to learn, to unclutter, to handle all shapes of FanArt, and provide interest.
NowPlaying and Lyrics are almost exactly the same design.
There is support for ClearArt artist logos horizontally.
(I couldn't make it variable via a define.)
I believe the following are unique:
-- The FanArt fades in and slides out. Looks good. (To me.) :)
-- The Album cover slides up and down when mutiple FanArt images are found. Interesting,
-- The NowPlaying screen contains a "Show Lyrics" button. Handy for Mouse Users.
-- (I wanted a "Now Playing" button on the Lyrics screen, but could not get it to work there.)
-- Due to the design of the background, different shapes of FanArt look good, including missing Cover.
-- The "song title area" at the bottom serves as the "progress bar"
-- Limited track info is presented without horizonal scrolling, which I find distracting.
-- A commented-out section displays Clear Art artist logos vertically.

In the Lryics screenshot, you can barely see a FanArt image just fading in, with the MP logo showing. The Album cover is starting to slide down. The apparent dark background almost exactly surrounding the lyrics is just a coincidence -- it's not usually there, the entire FanArt is dimmed.

In both screenshots, the small white vertical bar at the extreme right is my on-screen keyboard hiding, and not part of the theme.

Unzip somewhere
Install FTLTLT.TTF by right clicking, and choosing install.
(Or modify .xml files to not use "font36", or "lyrics" font. In this case, the fonts.xml file should be deleted.)
Copy entire folder to Themes inside PV skin
Clear cache
Run MP config and choose new theme


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