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September 23, 2013
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is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata and artwork for XBMC and MediaPortal. Originally written to support XBMC (forum link to the XBMC thread) we are actively working with some MediaPortal users (ysMP, joostzilla, megahorst and Infinite.Loop) to add support for MediaPortal.


  • Unique Movie Scanner
    • find Movies in subdirectories (one movie per directory)
    • find supplemental files (subtitles, poster, nfo, ..) in nearby directories and match to movie
    • Detect clean and searchable movie name
    • Handle common "release directory" structures and names
    • Handle DVD/BluRay structures
    • runs in parallel for better performance
  • parsing existing NFO files (EMM/XBMC/MP format)
  • scraping metadata and artwork from TMDB
  • scraping metadata from IMDB
  • scraping metadata from
  • scraping metadata from
  • scraping artwork from
  • scraping trailer from
  • scraping trailer from
  • writing NFO files (XBMC and MediaPortal format; MediaPortal is not fully tested)
  • changing movie metadata (also choosing different images)
  • batch processing (search all unscraped movies - forcing best match; scrape all selected movies - forcing best match)
  • rename and cleanup all items accordingly
  • movieset management ( )
  • list exporting

TV shows:
  • Powerful TV show importer (see here)
  • Handle DVD/BluRay structures
  • scraping metadata and artwork from TMDB
  • parsing existing NFO files (EMM/XBMC format)
  • writing NFO files (XBMC format)
  • TV show renamer


Features to be implemented
  • polishing ui

some screenshots - more at tinyMediaManager

Bug reporting and Feature requests
please report bugs and feature requests at GitHub whenever its possible (it gives a better overview over bugs than a forum).
I will also check this thread for bugs and enter the bug report myself if someone has no Google account

tinyMediaManager is available at GitHub

Native starters should work on every OS.
The first time you start tinyMediaManager it will create some files and directories in the running directory (except Mac version - all files will be created inside the App)

tinyMediaManager does not show correct movie information or is acting weird: try to delete tmm.odb (via the "debug menu - initialize database" and/or config.xml! Sometimes a change in the sourcecode can create an inconsistency between the database/config and tinyMediaManager

The first time you start, you will have to add an existing directory containing the movies (the structure has to be "one movie per directory"). For example:
  • movies
    • Aladdin
      • Aladdin.mkv
    • A-Team
      • movie.avi

After you added a directory containing movies, you can update the datasources in the "movie panel". Once the movies are imported, you can either search for it in TMDB/IMDB/OFDB (magnifying glass icon) or change it manually (pencil image);
When changing a movie, you can also choose other images (just click the image you want to change). All available images for this movie will be downloaded from TMDB/, as soon as there is a IMDB id or TMDB id is present.
Whenever you scrape or change a movie, the NFO file next to the movie will the modified; the poster and the fanart will also be modified, if they have been found.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

If you appreciate all the effort that has gone into this application then consider a donation. While it's neither expected nor required it is highly appreciated!

You can also:
  • help testing and send bug reports / feature requests
  • support any site which tinyMediaManager contacts (,, ...)
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    Well, that looks great!
    And I got a question:
    What about writing NFO-Files for tv-shows in mediaportal format?


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    If anybody would like to test:

    I have tested together with Manuel and have used this MePo settings:

    Especially the sorting order is nice. When using this you will have all movies belonging to a boxset/series (Harry Potter, James Bond, ...) together one by one in there right order in the database. (The set/series is scraped directly out of tmdb).

    More than one fanart is still under development if I'm not wrong. But within my testversion ist seems to work fine. Will try to finalise my tests within the next days.


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    Hi Manuel,
    Fainely we see tMM in MP forum .... :)
    its bin a year from the start of the develop :whistle:
    what can i say excelent tool .... work with MP my video (in shear view) out of the box ...(y)
    (many of the Graphic images in tMM i pass to manuel from our great MP guys from our MP comuntey :p)

    so for short story ... yes there was MP guys working on this great tool from biging me in the pass (sorry manuel for not bin more active as in the pass ... real life not left any much free time for MP or tMM ...for now :() And now Joost and some more that working now days .... Cant wait to see new version with Joost deasign (y).

    Manuel a small Bug in MP NFO : Cartification (usa) , now is write as " <mpaa>US_PG13</mpaa> " Need to be "<mpaa>PG13</mpaa> you change it some time ago ... and i forget to report it .... :oops: still view like this in last version ...

    thanks for all the work you down and will do more .... :D
    i will be in tuch ...


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    September 23, 2013
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    Well, that looks great!
    And I got a question:
    What about writing NFO-Files for tv-shows in mediaportal format?
    At the moment TV shows only read/write XBMC compatible NFOs (and there are still no extra scraper in there - just a lack of time here :p). Our interface is clean enough to switch to an other export/import format - I only need some sort of documentation :)

    Manuel a small Bug in MP NFO : Cartification (usa) , now is write as " US_PG13 " Need to be "PG13 you change it some time ago ... and i forget to report it .... :oops: still view like this in last version ...
    some time ago I switched the certification notation to an other one. It looks like there is (like in XBMC) no defined notation for it; megahorst did some research in MP and this is the way we changed it. Here you can see the forum thread of the discussion

    If I get some input here (and possibly testers :p), I am sure we can create a perfect support for MP in tinyMediaManager. I just need some testers, because I can't test it in MP (Linux user and no windows machine at home :p)


    Pat Clark

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    April 25, 2012
    United States of America United States of America
    I uninstalled Java some time back, with all its exploits, and I'm not currently running any Java apps.

    What is the current state of affairs for Java? What should be done to protect the system?


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    September 19, 2013
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    well, no Java == no TMM :)

    Java (as framework) has as many flaws as every other tool/os/framework you use (for sure!)
    It's always a matter of trust, to use software from others - or not.
    But: Java itself isn't (that) bad.
    Only malicious code on your system might be able to do bad things.

    When it comes to TMM, the source is available. Feel free to check it.
    Same for Java framework itself.
    But if you have Java activated in your browser, then you'll be doomed pretty fast ;)

    Any other TMM specific question i might help you with?

    Hi all, btw :)


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    September 23, 2013
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    30.09.2013 - version 2.4 - r1013
    feature: detect movies in multi movie dirs (this file structure is not recommended)
    feature: added wake on LAN support
    feature: add up to 5 fanarts to the MediaPortal NFO
    feature: clear image cache for single movies/TV shows/episodes
    feature: reworked search result score calculation (automatic scrape should now be better)
    feature: will now gather more data
    feature: reworked movie panel for better access to common menu items
    feature: added certification to the renamer options
    feature: made search panel a bit smaller, so it is not taking up that much space
    feature: our 1000th commit ;)
    fix: fixed movie renamer. If you encounter some problems with incomplete renaming - an update datasource should fix it!
    fix: if you suffered from incomplete renaming, tmm crashed when selecting a movie
    fix: fixed a crash in the image panel
    fix: IMDB scraper should now return better localized titles
    fix: TheTVDb scraper will now always take the right language from settings
    fix: better detection of BR/DVD folders
    fix: changed working directory for *nix commandline shellscripts
    fix: cancel TV show renamer should now cancel immediately
    fix: close movie scraper (force best match) via 'X' will no longer start the scraper


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    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    05.10.2013 - version 2.4.1
    feature: detect imdb id from file/folder name at import
    feature: switched scaling algorithm to imgscalr - is should now use less memory, be faster and the images have a better quality
    feature: implemented a new column resizer - the tables for media files/trailer should now have more accurate column widths
    feature: option to not renaming a movie into a movie set folder, when the movie set only has one movie
    fix: do not overwrite imdb id / tmdb id with empty values when scraping
    fix: better messages when renaming does not work
    fix: added a warning that TV show episodes with season/episode number -1 (not detected ones) cannot be renamed
    fix: added a warning before initializing the database
    fix: do not rename movie trailers when the renaming settings are empty
    fix: exclude movie set artwork from movie import
    fix: do not import windows special dirs (like $RECYCLE.BIN or Volume System Information)
    fix: store extrathumbs/extrafanart in the database after download
    fix: rebuild image cache now also caches extrafanart/extrathumbs

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