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  • May 16, 2008
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    the TVSeries banner view is missing a frame background; the legibility is reduced
    That error implies your system is missing one of the default image files.
    No files missing. Found the error in your skin file "TVSeries.Background.widebanner.6x2.xml":
    <description>background thumbs</description>
    <visible>[facadeview.smallicons | facadeview.largeicons] + Control.IsVisible(50)</visible>
    <animation effect="fade" time="250">WindowOpen</animation>
    <animation effect="fade" time="250">WindowClose</animation>
    The referenced png does not exist. The original Titan release file name is panel_thumbs2.png. Inserting this file name into your skin file solves the issue.



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    October 24, 2006
    Aha! This one is missing - despite the reinstall of Titan Extended that I did. Could you maybe just zip all panel_tvseries*.png together and upload them as there might be others that I am missing
    I am confused. There is no such file in Titan. I checked the GIT and ncoh doesn't include any panel_tvseries files. (n)

    Interesting, it must be a part of the skin files installed by MP TV-Series itself. I could have sworn that was a Titan Extended file though as I did not think the 6x2 view was a default layout for MP TV-Series. I've attached it below, but it is not one of my files, it was in my Titan\Media folder. I plan to set-up a new machine with MePo 1.6 in a couple of weeks time I will look into where this file gets installed (or in deed if it has been removed from Titan / MP TV Series now). In the mean time I hope putting this file in your Pulse8 theme directory will fix the problem.[DOUBLEPOST=1389815774][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Just updated to 2.0 and seem to get a weird bit of overlapping in moving pictures as per the attached screengrab.

    I'm running MP 1.6 and cleared the skin cache.

    It looks like there must have been an update to moving pictures views in Titan extended with MePo 1.6 For now if you delete the movingpictures.views.xml file from your Pulse8 directory it will revert to using the default one from Titan (which I assume does not have this problem). For Pulse 8 Aqua this will look fine but will have no clear art. For Pulse 8 Cherry you will probably find some of the text is blue but the back panel will remain red.

    Once I get 1.6 installed I will update the new version of the View files and push those out in an update.

    Any news on getting this updated to run on 1.6 properly?


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  • May 16, 2008
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    Sadly, after a very promising start, this project appears to have died like so many others before. Two months without any contribution from the skinner unfortunately suggest to use a skin that gets better support.


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  • February 29, 2008
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    If you would prefer this theme to have the traditional 3x2 button layout on the Basic Home screens, this is now available as Pulse-Hex which can be found here https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/titan-pulse-hex-theme.122995/
    Pulse-Hex provides many of the same functions with the obvious exception of not being able to have as many buttons on the screen and thus not as many plug-ins can be supported on the home screens at once.
    Can I use your graphics files in my theme? I want to add support for reds.

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