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July 2, 2008
Germany Germany

First of all i want to recall the following bug: https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/again-selected-items-still-disapper.131761/
It is still implemented. (selected items disappear).

Second: I found a new bug.
When i play an album the track suggestions in "My MusicPlayingNow" are not displayed, when MP automaticly plays the tracks from the album.
Steps to reproduce:
(enable internet lookups for track suggestions)
1. Start playing an album by selecting the first track an pressing enter ( OK on remote)
2. Change the screen by selecting "Now playing"
3. Select Track suggestions. App. 10sec. after the title is playing, MP communicates via internet and 3 similar tracks are displayed. (That is ok)
4. Wait for the next title / Track. Again, after 10sec. MP communicates via internet (firewall shows that) the first suggested tracks disappear but new tracks are not displayed.
5. Press "next title" on the remote >>| . The next title starts, after 10 sec. MP looks for similar tracks and now the are displayed.

Conclusion: MP shows similar tracks only when the played track was started manually.

And: Is there a relation between these two bugs?


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