1. bta489

    [solved] 5079: Music Views not sorting by discnumber anymore

    I have my music views set to sort by discnumber: It used to work as expected (one big list, starting with the first disc first to last track, then the next disc first to last track and so on). But when I browse my music now, it only sorts by tracknumber (all tracks #1 of each disc, then all...
  2. atlantic

    How to use Spotify inside Mediaportal?

    How to use Spotify with Mediaportal ? That is the question ! :) I’m a brand new user of Spotify Premium. So I asked myself if there’s a solution to play Spotify’s music inside Mediaportal. I didn’t find any addon… I know an addon exist on Kodi, so it would be interesting to have one in...
  3. E

    [Pending] Handling Multifile Cue

    Hi guys. It looks like I've fixed the problem which bothered me for all 10 years I'm using MediaPortal and lead me to imperfect music experience in Mediaportal for me. So if you ripped CD with EAC and splitted disk to track but still have the original EAC cue file like this Cue sheet -...
  4. badboyxx

    [solved] Displaying embedded cover

    I had to reinstall MP and recognized that the cover handling is wrong. All my songs have a ID3-Tag and embedded cover. When I'm scrolling through my music list, I get for every song the folder.jpg as the cover. I have attached my settings. The cover should be shown out of the file. I thought I...
  5. SacroTex

    [solved] Track not see

    i install this program in my new pc... but i can't see all type of music :( why? the music type file are the same "mp3 windows media playe" help me
  6. friedrej

    Kann Musik auf Netzwerklaufwerk nicht einbinden

    Habe nachdem ich jahrelang MP am laufen hatte mich für eine Neuinstallation des Rechners enschieden. Win 7 / MP 1.15 Leider schaff ich es nicht Musik oder Bilder einzubinden, die auf einem Netzlaufwerk sind. Unter Win Explorer komme ich wunderbar auf die Verzeichnisse. Im MP selbst kann ich...
  7. B

    1.15.0 Track suggestions missing in "MyMusicPlayingNow"

    Hi First of all i want to recall the following bug: It is still implemented. (selected items disappear). Second: I found a new bug. When i play an album the track suggestions in "My MusicPlayingNow" are not...
  8. N

    Music player - skip certain tracks whilst shuffling

    I've been using mepo for a long time, and one of my biggest peaves is when I've got my music playing on shuffle and some short intro/talking/etc track comes on in the mix. Preferably I want these files still available so that they play when on 'album play' - those intro's etc are essential then...
  9. O

    Silent wma and mp3 tracks

    I have just installed MP2 on a W7 Pro x64 SP1 computer to test it out before deciding whether to upgrade to W10; when I do, my wish is to stay with an application still being further developed (MP2) rather than with one already time-expired (Windows Media Center) even though it works perfectly...
  10. G

    Building playlists for music library

    I know this isn't a real big tech issue but it is preventing me from using MP1 for one of the main purposes I wanted it. Lots of folks have looked at this post elsewhere but have not offered any advice. Is it I am just looking at how MP works all wrong? ======== I have installed MP1 and it...
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