Tried MP 0.2 RC2 CVS from today - WOOOOW! (1 Viewer)


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October 26, 2004
To all MP people: Thanks!

I have been using MP since 0.0.10 or something like that. But it has not been until installing 0.2 RC2 that I have been happy with my HTPC!

The stability/speed benefits of that version is superb, it really rocks!

Now today, I tried out the newest CVS build, and let med say it again - WOW!!! - the general speed increase is just unbelieveable!! It's way faster than 0.2 RC2

Thanks to all the developers who have made this program possible! I'm gonna donate to the project very soon - it's money well spent!

I'm very pleased about the way MP is heading right now. It's turning into a pro product that can easily compete with Windows Media Center, Meedio, Snapstream, BeyondTV etc. (I have tried them all)

I'm already offering my help as a PHP coder so we can make MP the best HTPC software out there!


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  • January 14, 2005
    I also agree! SteveV2 has been going CRAZY with the bug fixes for the music portion! Keep up the good work...... all of YOU!

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    January 29, 2006
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    Speaking of the MY Music plugin... the recent addition of the ability to play an album just by pressing PLAY when the folder is highlighted seems to work great and is an awesome addition!


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    December 4, 2004
    These CVS versions were really fast, but the new RC3 is way slowlier than the old RC2. I hope it's getting better again.

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  • June 13, 2005
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    I must agree with STSC

    Until the TV bugs are sorted the OVERWHELMING improvements are getting unfortunately diminished.
    The improvements i have seen since finding MP over a year ago are amazing, Thanks again to Frodo and the rest of the Gang.
    As a engineer, I know perfection is not lightly achieved.


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