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June 1, 2009
New Zealand New Zealand
I've just set up Online Videos for the first time in the UK (had it working fine in NZ). The free to air UK catch up channels are working fine (e.g. BBC iPlayer, ITV), as is Netflix, but Sky Go is giving me all sorts of problems. Either I get the spinning circle indefinitely or else it very quickly just returns me back to Mediaportal without even trying to play anything. Sky Go plays fine in internet explorer outside MP. I set up the browserhost in debug mode as suggested in an earlier post. The plug-in logs in ok. Sometimes it navigates to the right page to play the video I have requested. However, it then fails to actually play the video. I notice that the video on Sky Go has a play button on it (or sometimes a play button and a resume button, if I've already started the video once). If i click on the play button, the video starts to play (but not full screen) in the debug browserhost window. This situation seems to correspond with the times when I just get the spinning circle if the browserhost is not in debug mode. Other times the plug-in opens the browserhost window and logs on but then exits almost instantly. In this situation the error in the debug log is that OnlineVideos is expecting a play video window, but instead gets a page. Is there something I have done wrong, or has Sky changed their website so the plugin is not activating the videos as it expects to do? Thanks for any help you can give. This is such an awesome plugin. Thanks for all your hard work.

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