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February 9, 2017
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I hope you can help me

Setup A

I have mediaportal 1.14 and it's in win7 that works fine.

Setup B
I tried to install the exact same version of Mediaportal on windows 8.1--but each time I click on Mediaportal.exe instead TVserver opens up. I tried over and over but it keeps happening. Never have I managed to get into Mediaportal in win8.1

So I installed the latest Mediaportal on win8.1 and still the same issue.

So I installed the latest Mediaportal on win7 and that has now got the same issue. Open mediaportal but TV server opens instead each one. I now can't get into Mediaportal.exe to watch TV and set my recordings

Please please please help me

Thanks to all


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    Do you mean that when you click on the MP icon the TV Config program starts? If yes, then that I believe is normal if you have done a fresh install and checked the box indicating you want to use it for viewing TV, basically it is telling you that you need to configure the TV server, i.e. scan for channels etc. From memory I think it is enough if you just select the timeshifting and/or recording folders and click on OK. After that, when you next try to start MP it should open as normal, ofc you will still need to complete the TV and MP configs to suit your setup.
    If that is not the case please would you post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

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