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  1. N

    HD Sender der RTL Gruppe (HD+) werden nicht mehr wiedergegeben

    Hi MediaPortal Support Team, ich hab ein Problem, dass mich wirklich verzweifeln läßt, da ich keinerlei Erklärung für das Phänomen habe. Seit einigen Tagen funktionieren bei meinem TVService die Sender der RTL Gruppe nicht mehr, diese haben vorher immer problemlos funktioniert! Hier mal die...
  2. B

    Separate Media and TV servers

    Hi, Is it possible to have one MP2 server managing my local media and another separate MP2 server handling TV service functionality? Then use a MP2 client to connect to both servers for media and TV service capability? Reason I ask is that I would prefer that my noisy media server is not...
  3. Rob Hexenmeister

    Detect recording in progress from external script (AHK)

    I use an AHK script to launch Mediaportal. The reason is that I can tell it to perform other tasks before launching the programme (for instance switching on my Energenie sockets etc) as well as remapping some of my remote control buttons. The one shortcoming is that doing it this way...
  4. Chris Melville

    Ability to watch the TV stream directly without the timeshift buffer delay?

    Hi guys, Since WMP was disabled for Windows 10, I needed a suitable replacement - and found success using Kodi as a front-end, with MediaPortal as a back-end TV server. Thank you for the work done so far on developing this software. One thing I notice, however: when I watch live TV, it isn't...
  5. regeszter

    MediaPortal TV Cloud with MPTvScheduler

    Hi, I am working on a new feature. It is named "MediaPortal TV Cloud". How it works: You connect your device to the Google cloud server and your login informations of MPExtended will be uploaded to the cloud (passwords are encoded). If it is done you will be able to list others MPExtended and...
  6. fischy667

    Update TV/Radio station names

    Sometimes TV and Radio stations are changing their name. The new name of the stations are in the tuningdetails, but Mediaportal gives no information about it. Suggestions: 1. After a channel scan there should also be an information about channels with new names. 2. Maybe a tab where all...
  7. J

    TV Recordings "stuck open"

    Hi, I am having an issue with recordings that seem to be "stuck open" (best short description I can think of). I will have a show set to record, and it will, but the little red recording indicator never goes off, and all other following recordings then fail until I reset the TV service. After...
  8. E

    Best way to insert programs in database

    Hi there! I'm currently developing TVServer plugin for grabbing EPG from one site and I wonder what way is better to insert programs. My data is full EPG for one week for all my channels. So it's 10-50 k records. Should I do it once for all programs or maybe better split insertion process by...
  9. G

    GELÖST! TV Server findet keine Sender

    Hallo, ich habe meinen HTPC frisch mit Windows 10 Creators update aufgesetzt. Meine Technotrend budget 3200 wird von der TV Server Konfiguration erkannt. Beim scannen nach Sendern erhalte ich nur die Meldung "no signal". Die Checkboxen für Satellit und digitale Sender sind gesetzt. Nun habe ich...
  10. R

    [solved] MP2.1Pre2 Server unter Win10 - kann TVService nicht konfigurieren

    Hab grad auf einen frisch aufgesetzten Win10Prof Rechner MP2.1pre2 installiert und beim Versuch den TV-Server zu Konfigurieren kommt folgende Meldung: Kann jemand damit was anfangen? Was fehlt mir? Logs im Anhang. Grüße, Rico. Edit: Changed MP2Pre2
  11. N

    EyeTV Netstream: Einbindung in MediaPortal

    Hallo zusammen Ich weis das Thema gab es schon mal, Leider ohne wirkliche Ergebnisse und alle schon sehr alt. Deshalb mache ich hier mal einen neuen Fall auf. Wie der Titel es schon sagt geht es um die Einbindung eines EyeTV Netstream Sat in das Mediaportal TV Server. Installiert ist der TV...
  12. H

    Try to open mediaportal but TVserver opens instead

    Hello I hope you can help me Setup A I have mediaportal 1.14 and it's in win7 that works fine. Setup B I tried to install the exact same version of Mediaportal on windows 8.1--but each time I click on Mediaportal.exe instead TVserver opens up. I tried over and over but it keeps happening...
  13. G

    MP 1.15.0 refuses to do timed recordings

    Hello again! (SIGH!):( After carefully mapping dozens of cableCARD channels to my HDHomeRUN PRIME tuner, I hoped against hope that I would FINALLY be able to record some programs in peace--but no such luck! I am positive that I have NOT changed ANY of the settings that MM helped me with over...
  14. G

    TV Server crashes or drops connection--also cannot pull up TV Guide

    This morning, after working with mm remotely for several hours last night, I TRIED to run MP 1.14.0--only to have the TV server either crash or drop its connection! I was also unable to pull up the TV Guide. When I attempted to run the TV Configurator, I got an error message saying that the...
  15. I

    MP2 install help

    I am amazed that anyone is using MP2 at all - the directions for installing are so messed up. I have been trying for hours reading the directions - no luck. When is someone going to clarify a basic install for using the TV server. Along with configuring it?
  16. D

    TV Server problems

    I successfully Installed MP1 v1.12 on my Win 7 PC. After upgrading the OS to Win 10, MP1 continued to work OK (I'm concerned only with TV mode here). I then uninstalled MP1 & tried MP2 (Summer 15) but found that the TV picture was stuttering every few seconds so uninstalled MP2. On re-installing...
  17. K

    TV-server, trying to watch on another machine.

    Hi forum, I've have a NAS, it has two LAN cards, one for the internet and the another for IPTV. I've setup the TV-server and can watch TV on the NAS. The LAN cards are on a different ip nets, one is on 10.x.x.x and the another is on 192.x.x.x which is my home network. I have HTPC which is in...
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