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March 10, 2013
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I recently installed StreamedMP I am using a HDhomerun TV tuner to capture over the air TV. I had the TV setup and working in the basic default media portal setup. Once I installed and got the streamed MP skin installed and working I can no longer watch TV or any recorded TV shows.

I get the error: "Unable to play Live 9-2.TX.TS buffer".

I get a similar error when trying to watch a recorded TV Show:
"Unable to play: Amazing Race-2013-04-28.TS
Video Code:MPEG Video Version 2 MAIN@high
Audio Codec: AC-3"

I am not sure what changed when installing the streamedMP skin but any help to find the fix would be greatly appreciated.

I am new to Media portal and am still getting things set up the way I would like. I had the default media portal working very well so I thought I would try this skin. I followed the StreamedMP install guide as best as I could tell due to the differences between the beta release and this version.

I am running on the following system.
Windows 8 64 bit
Intel I5 3570K
8GB ram
SSD for OS and standard drives for recorded TV and movies
I ran the debug mode with the first option selected "Report a bug to Team MediaPortal" and the zip file name is: MediaPortalLogs_29_04_13__18_48
When in this debug mode the TV and recorded shows play fine no issues.
I ran the debug mode with the second option selected "Report a bug to a plugin developer or skin designer"
When in this debug mode the first time the TV tried to run but has some strange things going on, for example didn't show picture.
The first log file for this option is named: MediaPortalLogs_29_04_13__18_09
The second time I ran this debug mode I received the errors as described in my previous post for bot TV and recorded TV.
The second log file for this option is named: MediaPortalLogs_29_04_13__18_50
I ran the debug mode with the third option selected "Export all currently present logs"
The file name is: MediaPortalLogs_29_04_13__18_44

The procedure to get the errors is after starting MediaPortal, click on the Watch TV option and then go into the guide and click a channel to start watching that channel.

The procedure to get the errors for recorded TV is to navigate into the recorded TV section instead of the guide and click on a recorded show to start watching.

Let me know if the procedures for reproducing the error are not clear.

I find it interesting that when in the first debug mode with the default skin the TV and recorded TV works as it did before the Streamed MP install.
Let me know if more information is needed to help resolve.



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    if i were you, id start at making sure windows/ video / sound drivers are up to date, you seem to have some errors related to video/sound/codecs in error.log

    id then uninstall your older MP and streamedmp and put on the latest versions of both of them, make sure you using the right codecs for tv playback in mediaportal configuration and try again

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