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January 17, 2009
I recently changed to MP1.4 and Windows 7 64bit. Looks and feels great.
However, I have sometimes problem when I resume from standby with my TV.
I get an "Unknown Problem" in TV Section when I select a channel.
Stopping MP and restart it does not help.
I use Powerscheduler and Forced Shutdown as well as Reinitialize Service on wakeup.

With Windows XP and MP1.3 it worked stable.
Logs attached.

Do you have any idea what I could try/check to overcome the problem?


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hello bart0190

    I suspect the problem is that you're not using a static IP address for your server, and the IP address changed:
    <DefaultProvider name="MySQL" connectionString="Server=gremy;Database=MpTvDb;User ID=root;Password=*******;charset=utf8;Connection Timeout=30;" />

    [2013-07-17 20:22:01,151] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: local ip address:
    [2013-07-17 20:22:01,261] [Log ] [TVService] [INFO ] - Controller: server running on gremy

    [2013-07-22 23:51:19,041] [Log ] [PowerEventThread] [INFO ] - Controller: local ip address:
    [2013-07-22 23:51:19,051] [Log ] [PowerEventThread] [INFO ] - Controller: server running on gremy

    So please configure with a static IP address.


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