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Today I installed MediaPortal and it works just fine, except the tv guide. First I went through the process of saying which tv stations I wanted and which not. But when I want to update the guide I get this error message:

number of days must not be negative at /PerlApp/grab/nl/tv_grab_nl line 148
The number is however set to 7 in MP Setup. Saving the settings and restarting setup does not help.

I do not know where to find the tv_grab_nl file nor the PerlApp folder. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.


Already tried WebEPG but I ran into an awfull lot of problems. Guess it's not stable enough yet. For the moment I prefer to deal with the original problem. :)


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  • May 6, 2005
    Hi AgentSmith,

    Which version did you try? I've never had any reported problems on the NL stuff on the normal releases. The current pre-release is not working.




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    September 12, 2005
    Have you gotten xmltv to work, downloading the files?

    This is how I have it working (USA), I'm assuming it would work similarly for nl (Netherlands?)

    Download xmltv and extract it. rename the folder xmltv and put it in the Media Portal folder. The path to xmltv.exe should be something like: c:\Program Files\Team Media Portal\Media Portal\xmltv\xmltv.exe

    Open a command prompt and configure xmltv.
    cd "c:\Program Files\Team Media Portal\Media Portal\xmltv"
    xmltv tv_grab_nl --configure
    Follow the prompts for any usernames, passwords and time zones. You can also choose to edit the channels downloaded here.

    Once it's configured you can dowload the TV listings excuting the following:
    xmltv.exe tv_grab_nl --days 7 --output tvguide.xml
    tvguide.xml is the default name that MP uses so, if you haven't changed anything... MP should be able to read that file directly.

    Now, once this is done and you have your channels loaded into MP, if you would like to automate the process, you can do so using PVR Scheduler (at least that's how I do it). There are instructions on the PVR Scheduler site for setting this up. It integrates very nicely with Media Portal and allows you to schedule recordings to run even when you don't have MP running.

    The PVR Schedule tutorial talks about using a .bat file. Simply create a new text file... something like xmltv.bat and paste the same command into the document:
    xmltv.exe tv_grab_nl --days 7 --output tvguide.xml

    Put this file in the xmltv directory and point PVR Scheduler to it.

    PVR Scheduler
    PVR Scheduler xmltv guide

    in the tutorial, in the updater path, point it to your xmltv.bat file you created and leave the command area empty. If you followed the above, your path should look like:
    "c:\Program Files\Team Media Portal\Media Portal\xmltv\xmltv.bat"

    Hope this helps a little.


    Thanks for your advice, GruvSyco! Will try that asap. I thought that the entire xmltv setup was possible through the MP setup, but I think I was wrong. :)

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