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  • May 15, 2007
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    This is all about how we want those media buttons to work. If you ask me all media handling buttons (play, stop, next, prev, ffw, frw) should just do media handling and nothing else despite of viewing mode. Also current behaviour with next, prev buttons are wrong when viewing EPG with TV active - imo.

    So what would then be the correct behaviour: there we need your opinion.

    Side note: and referring to old manuals, furthermore requiring old functionality, is not the best way handle issues either as so many things has changed in form of fixing bugs or adding new functionality that it is not reasonable to do the old way anymore. In other words fixing things reveals misuse of controls like in this case.

    Page down/up buttons: change channel list to next/previous page - already ok.
    Buttons ???: change next/prev day - not ok the way you see it. Can you use volume buttons for that? Or colour buttons if you have one. All can be changed from setup quite easily. This is also so heavily depending remote control type and buttons available.

    Any ideas to please all users even though don't personally have any problems with current implementation?


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    April 24, 2007
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    Ok, here's my view:

    In TV fullscreen mode (either in MP fullscreen or MP windowed mode):
    Arrows: skip steps
    >>: fast forward 2x, 4x, 8x, etc.
    <<: fast rewind 2x, 4x, 8x, etc.
    >|: skip to end of timeshiftbuffer
    |<: skip to start of timeshiftbuffer
    + (of ▼▲ page up/down button, left of The Green Button on MCE remote): Skip to next channel in order
    - (of ▼▲ page up/down button, left of The Green Button on MCE remote): Skip to previous channel in order

    In EPG (with tv/music/video/whatever running in the left corner, in the background or no running media at all):
    Arrows: skip to next show (above/below/left/right of current highlighted show)
    >>: next 'time'-page in EPG (jump in EPG one page to the right)
    <<: previous 'time'-page in EPG (jump in EPG one page to the left)
    >|: next day in EPG (jump in EPG one day later)
    |<: previous day in EPG (jump in EPG one day earlier)
    + (of ▼▲ page up/down button, left of The Green Button on MCE remote): Previous page in EPG (jump in EPG one page up)
    - (of ▼▲ page up/down button, left of The Green Button on MCE remote): Next page in EPG (jump in EPG one page down)

    In any case, I don't think the remote should have any influence on running tv when it is in background/left corner mode (accept the stop button) because you are doing something else other then watching tv.

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